Firefighters arrive at your burning house, and you and your family are trapped inside.

Would you prefer they guess your whereabouts, along with the blaze’s source and severity? Or do you want the firefighters to show up knowing precisely where you and your loved ones are located, which equipment they’ll need, and the safest and quickest pathway to rescue you?

OneEvent Technologies’ proprietary life safety and home automation monitoring system provides those answers and more by harnessing the power of the digital age. This smart solution:

● Empowers property owners to prevent tragedies by alerting them to early warning signs

● Enables first responders to save lives and protect property

● Permits insurance professionals to verify and expedite claims

“We expect our affordable, lifesaving solution to transform the response to catastrophic events and will prevent many of them from happening in the first place,” said oneEvent Technologies CEO Kurt Wedig. “It benefits everyone: property owners, insurance professionals, firefighters, first responders and investigators.”

You’re invited to witness this innovative system in action on Saturday, May 16, at 9 a.m. as members of the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Black Earth Fire Department, along with Madison College firefighting personnel, burn down a dilapidated farmhouse in western Dane County.

Several iPads will be available for use at the event to demonstrate OneEvent’s constant stream of real-time data detailing the spread of the fire.

The controlled burn will validate OneEvent’s® System reporting functionality, enabling the company to better customize its product, which is in the final development phase.

Fire prevention is just one of many capabilities of OneEvent Technologies’ home and business automation monitoring system, which continuously transmits information to the cloud using existing home automation and security systems.

By constantly measuring temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide levels and more, OneEvent Technologies’ solution notifies property owners of conditions that endanger facilities, possessions and lives. Embedded behavioral pattern recognition allows the system to learn a customer’s environment and recognize troublesome aberrations.


What: Witness the power of OneEvent Technologies’ life safety and home automation monitoring system through a controlled burn.

When: Saturday, May 16, 9 a.m. – noon

Where: 4012 County Road JJ, Black Earth 53515

Who: Conducting and monitoring the burn will be fire personnel from the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and the Black Earth Fire Department, as well as Madison College. Insurance executives are invited to attend, along with media.

What to expect: OneEvent Technologies’ life safety and home monitoring system will deliver a constant stream of data detailing the spread of the fire to tablets available at the demonstration. Company representatives and firefighters will offer real-time insight and a recap.

Media resources: Comprehensive fire data, along with dynamic photos and video, will be available following the burn at

About OneEvent Technologies: OneEvent Technologies was born out of technical know-how and inspiration to bring life safety systems into the modern age. OneEvent works with its partners to deploy a proprietary life safety and home automation system which combines their developments with present technology and completely leverages advancements in existing systems. The solution is a full-featured system that’s easy to install and affordable to maintain, resulting in safer homes and businesses. For more information, visit