Medical Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

Our system complies with CDC regulations and recommendations for COVID-19 vaccine and includes a Digital Data Logger or DDL. Contact us for more information by clicking here

OneEvent is able to provide support to monitor Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in ultra-low temperature in both freezer and container environments.

Managing the temperature of drugs, vaccines and biologics is a critical component of our healthcare system. Improper storage will result in the loss of vital medications, significant expenses, and require valuable staff time to reconcile.

OneEvent Technologies is dedicated to empowering you to enhance your quality control, compliance and productivity. The OneEvent® System provides robust monitoring and reporting of your refrigerators and freezers and much more.

Setting your refrigerator or freezer to the proper temperature is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce energy costs. Setting your unit only 10°F too cold, will cost you 25% more energy every month.

Another way to protect inventory and reduce costs is to keep doors closed as much as possible. What isn’t measured, isn’t managed; adding door sensors will assure that your staff is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Plus, with dashboard and cell phone access to your data, you can know immediately if the issue is a failing refrigeration unit or just a door left open.

It’s important to know how cold a refrigerator should be and how to adjust the temperature. When a refrigerator’s settings are correct, it will store your inventory at a safe temperature while protecting your investment, maintaining safety and enhancing your reputation.


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Hospital & Clinic Vaccine Monitoring System with OneEvent Technology Benefits Include:

  • Secure cellular gateway with battery back-up to assure reliability
  • Wireless sensor network including temperature and door open & close
  • Historical data storage and exports to replace paper logs
  • Meeting all CDC requirements with optional VFC compliant system available
  • Customized alerts and monitoring with the OneEvent App
  • Easy to access reports and detailed monitoring via the OneEvent Dashboard
  • Real time smartphone alerts when temperature or door open times exceed desired levels
  • The Thermo Heartbeat™ provides insights allowing you to know, in advance, when a unit may need adjustment or service thus preventing costly breakdowns before they occur
  • Comprehensive dashboard access via any computer or tablet including average temperature live view, detailed and customized reporting, watch list and individual make, model and year of service
  • Advance alerts for NIST certification and calibration

Temperature Measurement, Recording and Data Storage

Our Advanced Remote Monitoring and Alert System via the OneEvent App and OneEvent Dashboard enables healthcare providers to improve business practices based on real data.  
  • Costly and labor-intensive manual entry and data management
  • Challenges with compliance and accuracy
OneEvent Solutions
  • Cloud storage for accurate and granular data
  • Compliant, reliable and cost-effective retrieval, analysis and reporting

Automated Temperature Monitoring

We are all aware of the costs of the loss of compromised medications. Losses of inventory due to temperature excursions are far greater than the cost of drugs or vaccines alone (manual entry utilizing staff & management time costs approximately $800 per year, per unit).

  • Manual or basic IoT monitoring notifications occur after excursion or drugs or vaccines compromised
  • Costly losses of inventory combined with cost of staff and management
OneEvent Solutions
  • Provides real-time measurements and alerts to notify of issues before contents may be damaged
  • Detailed data logging for verifiable historical data and flexible and rapid retrieval


Case Study:

Immediately upon installation of the OneEvent® System, data was tracked and indicated a compressor struggling to maintain temperature ranges within desired parameters.

Upon discovering this issue, the facility was able to alert their service vendor who verified the compressor was near failure. A new compressor was installed, and the potential failure was averted.

Predictive Analytics for Advance Notice of Equipment Failure

There is a wealth of information when monitoring the temperature of your refrigerators and freezers. For example, measurements when visualized in graph form reveal if your unit is running too cold, too warm or is in need of service. Managing this data can provide insightful information which can help you reduce energy costs and prevent expensive breakdowns in advance.
  • Little information provided on efficiency of unit
  • No advance notice of breakdowns
OneEvent Solutions
  • Advanced notice of unit’s health and propensity for failure, preventing potentially disastrous excursions and expensive off-hours or urgent repair


Use Real-Time Refrigeration or Freezer Operation Data to determine if the:
  1. Unit is running within normal parameters and operating effectively
  2. Unit is running colder than necessary
  3. Unit is running warmer that necessary
  4. Unit should be observed for potential service or adjustment
  5. Unit requires immediate service

Is OneEvent Technologies a great option for you?

Yes, if you:

  • See value in comprehensive refrigeration monitoring:  temperature, door open/close & unit health
  • Prefer cell to WIFI
  • Have multiple units and possibly multiple sites
  • Want all their data at your fingertips in an easy to use app and desktop dashboard
  • Are eager to recognize unit breakdowns before they occur
  • Require a VFC compliant system


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John Zeller, with 40-years of facility management experience speaks candidly about the OneEvent Medical Refrigeration Monitoring System. More than just an refrigeration alarm or data logger, the OneEvent® System provides proactive refrigeration monitoring saving you time and money while protecting your valuable vaccines and insuring your patient’s safety.