Remote Refrigeration Monitoring
for Cold Storage Warehouse

Proper remote temperature monitoring of cold storage inventory is essential to ensuring the safety of temperature-sensitive goods including food, medicine and vaccines. Changes in temperatures can cause significant problems, which is why remote temperature monitoring systems are crucial to maintain the safety of stored goods. Remote temperature monitoring is also invaluable to prove that a warehouse follows CGMP and other strict quality control processes.

Although wired temperature monitoring systems are commonly used to monitor temperature in cold storage warehouses, newer cellular wireless remote temperature monitoring systems are a more cost-effective method to measure, collect and transmit data for warehouse temperature management. Modern solutions eliminate incomplete and inaccurate pen and paper logs providing a verifiable audit trail and detailed temperature reporting that assures compliance and reporting for regulatory agencies.

By collecting, storing and analyzing data in the cloud, modern predictive analytics can be used to predict certain types of equipment failure in advance. Advance prediction of a refrigeration unit’s breakdown allows you to secure service before a refrigeration system failure and prior to temperature excursions and inventory loss.

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  1. Provides real-time monitoring, 24/7/365, of all refrigeration units
  2. Eliminate error-prone, paper and pen-based temperature recording
  3. Simplify HACCP & CGMP compliance and record management
  4. Generates alerts whenever there are temperature excursions
  5. And now, receive advance notice of a potential refrigeration breakdown


Temperature Probe or Sensor—The type of temperature probe will affect the measurement accuracy and the temperature measurement range. Common sensor types include thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor.

Thermal Buffer—A thermal buffer helps smooth rapid temperature fluctuations at the sensor due to compressor cycling, door opening, or loading/ removing products. Thermal buffers come in the form of a bottle filled with glycol or a bottle filled with glass beads.

Door Open and Close Sensors—Insight into when doors are open is very helpful to identify if a temperature increase is due to a mechanical issue or an open door. Having staff aware that doors are monitored has proven to keep them from being left open needlessly which leads to greater inventory safety and decreased energy costs.

The OneEvent Gateway connects your property’s sensors to the cloud where the OneEvent predictive analytic engine lives. The gateway receives radio transmissions from the sensors and wirelessly transmits the data to the cloud via a cellular connection.

OneEvent AppThe OneEvent App provides 24/7/365 access to data from every floor, room and sensor in your property. Preset standards allow you to receive alerts when sensors detect abnormal issues. The ultimate benefit is empowering you to predict, alert and prevent issues before they escalate.

OneEventDashboardOneEvent’s Dashboard tracks and displays sensor data and system health in greater detail with an easy to navigate web interface. With the OneEvent® System you can monitor your property literally anywhere you have Internet access via laptop, desktop, or tablet.

With OneEvent’s remote wireless monitoring protecting what’s most important to you has never been more effective. Aside from receiving a significant ROI, our clients tell us they, and their staff sleep better at night knowing OneEvent has their back.

Integrating the latest Internet of Things technology (IoT), early prediction, smartphone alerts & automated reporting you have the power to react with the most effective response possible. All while saving money on labor expense, inventory loss, insurance claims and reduced downtime.

Remote Wireless Cellular Temperature Monitoring

1) Real-Time Alerts

OneEvent provides remote wireless temperature monitoring in two ways. First, the OneEvent® system using IoT provides cellular remote wireless monitoring. Data is collected wirelessly from sensors with cellular technology and is stored and analyzed in the cloud. When OneEvent learns that normal environmental parameters are exceeded, you get notified.

2) Predictive Analytics

The OneEvent algorithm and our predictive analytics system, Thermo Heartbeat™, provide the second method of remote refrigeration monitoring protection. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, OneEvent’s Thermo Heartbeat™ detects whether a refrigerator or freezer is having issues maintaining proper temperature. It will predict if a unit will exceed its temperature limits in advance. The Thermo Heartbeat™ technology can help prevent loss, business interruption and eliminate rush-repair charges.

There’s a revolution in cold storage management and IoT; managing your data is as important as measuring your environment. OneEvent does both.

With OneEvent’s® remote wireless monitoring system you can protect what’s most important to you and empower the success and safety of your business and your people.

Cold storage freezer warehouse with cellular temperature monitoring


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