Provides Peace
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OneEvent Provides Peace of Mind

Alerts are sent when the following events occur:Enhanced Safety with Real-Time Environmental Monitoring with Predictive Analytics.

What does the future hold? For many it may include a property and life-threatening disaster. This is why OneEvent was created, because one event can forever change a life.

Patented OneEvent software learns what’s normal in residential environments and when OneEvent senses significant changes, you are notified and empowered to protect what’s most important in your life. 

OneEvent’s artificial intelligence system offers non-invasive continuous monitoring of activity within certain environments including multi-dwelling residents with three or more families.

The system can include the following sensors: motion, door/window, temperature/humidity, smoke/carbon monoxide and water.

Alerts can be sent when the following events occur:

  • Smoke is present
  • Carbon monoxide is detected.
  • There is a power outage.
  • The temperature rises quickly due to a cooking hazard such as a burner or oven left on.
  • There is a water leak.
  • There is entrance, exit or movement in secured areas.
  • Refrigerator temperatures change, or the door opens and closes.
  • Humidity is rising, indicating a possible water leak or HVAC issue.


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