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OneEvent provides temperature monitoring in two ways. First, the OneEvent system, using Internet of Things technology (IoT) provides remote wireless temperature monitoring of coolers, freezers, and refrigerated environments through a cellular gateway. Data is collected from temperature and door sensors and is stored and analyzed in the cloud. When OneEvent learns a temperature has exceeded your pre-set limits, you get notified.

Predict Problems.
Up to 30 Days in Advance.

The OneEvent algorithm and our predictive analytics system, Thermo Heartbeat, provides the second method of remote temperature monitoring protection. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, OneEvent’s Thermo Heartbeat detects whether a refrigerator or freezer is having issues maintaining proper temperature and can predict if a unit will exceed its temperature limits up to 30 days in advance. The Thermo Heartbeat can help prevent loss and business interruption and eliminate rush-repair charges.

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A single event can change your life, and livelihood.

You have sensors, systems and alarms. That’s a good start but alarms only go off after something bad has happened. OneEvent can predict, alert and prevent disasters before they occur.

Get more than just data. OneEvent Technologies provides environmental monitoring with predictive analytics to give you more. From cooler health alerts to early fire prediction, no other company provides the full range of actionable information to keep your people and property safe.

Preventive Power and Value For:


OneEvent is empowering businesses to proactively protect their most vital assets – their property and people while reducing insurance claims, costs and downtime.


When OneEvent senses important changes in your home’s environment, you get notified. That’s a powerful thing that provides proactive protection and peace of mind.


Using machine learning capabilities with continuous data measurement and cloud-based storage, OneEvent has the proactive power to prevent property loss and injury.


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Mount Horeb, Wisconsin (December 8, 2020) – OneEvent Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce its new innovation, the Thermo Heartbeat TM algorithm. Utilizing predictive analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, OneEvent® monitors refrigeration temperatures...

OneEvent Installed in Green Bay Area Taco Bell Restaurants

OneEvent Installed in Green Bay Area Taco Bell Restaurants

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