Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Wireless Remote Refrigeration Monitoring Systems

When“just enough” is not “good enough.”

What isn’t measured isn’t managed. The protection of inventory in laboratories, biotech facilities, research centers and the pharmaceutical industry is mission critical. More than monitoring, OneEvent empowers users to predict, alert and prevent issues before they become excursions.

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New advancements in temperature monitoring with Internet of Things Technology ( IoT) and predictive analytics can empower you to improve safety and compliance while generating significant cost savings.

More than just compliance, clients have said OneEvent’s predictive analytics saves them money by preventing expensive, rush service by predicting issues before they occur. They also tell us they sleep better at night knowing OneEvent is protecting their vital inventory 24/7/365.

The OneEvent® System, with remote wireless refrigeration monitoring, protects inventory in lab and research facility cold storage in two ways. First, the OneEvent® System provides remote, real-time refrigeration monitoring through a cellular gateway, collecting data from door and temperature sensors. When conditions exceed pre-set parameters, alerts are sent to a mobile device via email, text or push notification, empowering staff to correct the problem before inventory is affected.

The second method of protection is provided through the OneEvent® System’s Thermo Heartbeat™. The Thermo Heartbeat™ analyzes refrigeration temperature variation in laboratories, biotech facilities, research and pharmaceutical facilities during normal use. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, OneEvent can predict if a unit will fail up to 15 days in advance. OneEvent clients report the system has paid for itself in cost savings while providing peace of mind.

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OneEvent delivers patented technology that protects against asset loss through predictive-analytics and is shifting the industry paradigm from reaction to prevention.

  • Real-time smartphone alerts when temperature and door-open times exceed desired parameters
  • Thermo Heartbeat™ informs you, in advance when a unit may need adjustment or service thus preventing costly breakdowns before they occur and eliminating rush service fees
  • Comprehensive dashboard access via any computer or tablet includes average temperature live view, customized reporting, watch list and individual unit make, model and age
  • Secure cellular gateway with battery back-up to assure reliability
  • Meets all CDC requirements with optional VFC compliant system available

OneEvent’s patented analytics and IoT technology turn your data into actionable information.

  • Scheduled alerts for NIST certification and calibration
  • Historical data storage and scheduled report exporting replaces hand-written paper logs
  • Detailed excursion reporting

Predictive Analytics

OneEvent® System’s predictive analytics can help identify and alert you to concerns with research facility and laboratory coolers and freezers before loss occurs, up to 15 days in advance.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time refrigeration monitoring system alerts when lab and pharmaceutical research refrigerator or freezer temperatures start to cycle or rise beyond pre-set parameters.

Cellular. Not WiFi.

If the WiFi or power in your lab, biotech facility, or pharmaceutical research operation goes down, no worries. OneEvent® System’s remote refrigeration monitoring technologies use cellular gateways to communicate with cloud-based systems and alert you to any concerns.

Cloud-Based Data

Refrigeration temperature monitoring data from your lab or research facility coolers and freezers are stored and analyzed in the cloud, giving you easy access from your phone, tablet, or desktop for analysis, record-keeping, and compliance.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy with OneEvent® System’s remote refrigeration temperature monitoring technologies for labs, biotech facilities, and pharmaceutical research operations. Real-time alerts. Predictive analytics. Loss prevention.

Cost Savings Calculator

How Much Will You Save with OneEvent?


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