OneEvent Testimonials

  • We no longer write down temperatures and the records are continually updated in real time. It was very easy to add devices quickly, we just added our server room to the system. We appreciate the weekly email of our readings. The support from OneEvent is excellent.

    --Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County, WI

  • The best devices we have in place are the temperature sensors. I can’t tell you how many times you saved us there. Your system has paid for itself already from refrigeration and freezer issues alone. From staff leaving the doors open or the units failing. We have about 6 coolers and freezers at each building, OneEvent heled us from losing food and meds.

    --Clayton Bentz, Director of IT, Copperleaf Senior Living

  • A few weeks ago, a repairman did not turn on the cooler fan when he completed his work. As soon as the temperature began to increase we received an alert on our mobile phones and corrected the issue. Anyone in this business knows how costly food loss is to your bottom line.

    --Jim Nonn, Franchisee

  • Every restaurant has to take food temps and although we have a great staff, none of us are perfect. OneEvent adds a layer of data collection and protection that is very valuable. We’ve never had a food loss and we’re confident that OneEvent will help us keep that record intact

    --Dave Romine, Co-Owner and Manager

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 we would give OneEvent a 10. OneEvent notifies us of issues and provides peace of mind.

    --Perry Tonn & Gregg Franchisees

  • --Tim Hockers from Prevea Health - Manager of Facilities and Support Services

  • --Holly Altenberger, PharmD, O’Connell Pharmacy

  • --John Zeller, Retired, 40 Year Healthcare Facilities Executive

  • --Joyce Gaulke, School District Food Service Director

  • --Mike Riechers, Riechers Meat Processing

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