Restaurant Cooler & Freezer Monitoring

Your restaurant is doing more with less, especially now with the staff shortages that many are facing. While you’re short-staffed, the last thing you need is an emergency. Diverting staff to manage a refrigeration breakdown adds to your workload, generates loss and negatively impacts morale.

With OneEvent® System for cooler and freezer monitoring you can expect ROI from the following:

  • Prevention of potential food and equipment loss
  • Prevention of service interruption or costly bills due to equipment failure
  • Improved food safety
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Improve employee behavior in response to actionable information

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The OneEvent® restaurant refrigeration monitoring system provides oversight of temperature with real-time cell phone alerts when temperatures rise or fall beyond pre-set thresholds. The remote monitoring system communicates to the Internet via cellular network or WiFi. Data is then transferred to the cloud for storage, retrieval and analysis.

With OneEvent your restaurant can eliminate the laborious (and error prone) task of manually taking temperature readings and increase compliance and safety while reducing labor demand.

Not only can OneEvent automate temperature monitoring, you will better manage your restaurant’s resources and responsibilities. Monitoring temperatures to achieve regulatory compliance and creating exported temperature logs is just the beginning of the value provided.

Aside from helping maintain optimal temperatures, OneEvent’s patented analytics and IoT Technology turn your data into actionable information. Our restaurant cooler and freezer temperature monitoring system can empower you to predict and prevent issues that could be catastrophic to your food supply and food service equipment.

OneEvent’s exclusive Thermo Heartbeat™ alerts you in advance when a unit needs adjustment or service, thus preventing costly breakdowns and excursions before they occur.

OneEvent® System Features & Benefits:

  • Monitor cooler and freezer temperature, performance and door activations and door open times
  • Secure and independent cellular connectivity with battery back-up to assure reliability
  • Automated daily temperature reports and exports to replace paper logs and historical data log
  • Alerts via OneEvent App to any smartphone when temperature is outside desired parameters
  • Detailed excursion reporting Door Open & Close sensors provide insights into staff behavior
  • Comprehensive dashboard management via any computer or device including, detailed reporting, cooler watch list, cooler ID by make, model and year of service, average temperature and live view
  • OneEvent’s Thermo Heartbeat™ monitoring provides insights allowing you to know, in advance, when a cooler may need adjustment or service thus preventing costly breakdowns before they occur

With OneEvent all your temperatures are easily accessible via the OneEvent App on any cell phone or on the OneEvent Dashboard on computer. Maintaining proper restaurant refrigerator or freezer temperature is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce energy costs. A unit running 10°F too cold on average, will cost you 25% more energy every month.

Another way to protect restaurant inventory and reduce costs is to keep doors closed as much as possible. What isn’t measured, isn’t managed; adding door sensors will assure that your staff is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Plus, with dashboard and cell phone access to your data, you can know immediately if the issue is a failing refrigeration unit or just a door left open.

Why just monitor the temperature when you could have so much more? Our restaurant customers tell us because of our system they and their staff sleep better at night because they save money by preventing expensive losses while anticipating cooler issues before they breakdown.

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