T2 System

OneEvent has launched a new software enhancement which will improve efficiency, increase compliance and more effectively manage refrigerated inventory.

The OneEvent® System provides remote wireless temperature monitoring of refrigeration environments. When a temperature or door open-time exceeds pre-set limits notifications are sent. Also, OneEvent will send alerts up to a month in advance of a potential refrigeration failure.

Now, OneEvent users can benefit from two unique levels of alert notifications. Our new Event Escalation software allows leadership, not involved in day-to-day operations, to be alerted to important issues regarding their refrigerated inventory.

The Event Escalation tool has proven effective for our team, enabling timely notifications to specific groups based on their departmental roles. The system design aligns with our initial expectations. While not directly tied to the Event Escalation tool, the implementation of the One Event monitoring system has resulted in significant benefits. In less than 4 months, we saved the contents of six walk-in freezers and reduced unnecessary site visits by utilizing door sensors to differentiate actual events from simple door openings.

John Marker, Field Coordinator, Food Service Williamson County Schools, Franklin, TN

This two-tiered system excludes leadership from day-to-day alerts that are necessary for staff to best manage refrigerated inventory. If staff is not able to properly respond, leadership is alerted so they can provide the support necessary to assure inventory is within the appropriate temperature range.

For example, if a refrigeration temperature or door open time exceeds preset limits, alerts are sent to staff. If an issue is not corrected after 3 alerts, leadership is then notified to follow up. This provides a higher level of assurance that inventory is properly managed, staff is providing the correct level of compliance and energy consumption is kept at a minimum.

OneEvent’s new Event Escalation software is especially valuable for large organizations managing dozens or hundreds of refrigeration units. On-location staff receive every notification for the units they are responsible for. If leadership was included in every alert it would be a significant volume of communications if a large number of refrigeration units are monitored. With OneEvent’s Event Escalation software, leadership is in the loop, but only notified when conditions require their attention.

Event Escalation protects valuable inventory from spoilage and prevents loss, reduces energy costs and protects the most important asset a company has, its reputation. Event Escalation is managed in the OneEvent Dashboard and is easy to set up and modify if necessary. This optional service is provided at no additional cost.