Data Center Temperature Monitoring

How secure is your data center infrastructure? Who’s watching your data closets? Our OneEvent® System is a must-have remote monitoring software tool for data center monitoring, including uninterruptible power supply monitoring.

While monitoring of centralized servers has grown, as critical systems have become more IoT-oriented, edge communication paths remain largely unprotected. We provide real-time, cloud-based battery, generator and UPS monitoring and management. Our OneEvent® System is the eyes and ears of your physical areas, sending immediate alerts via text and app. Designated personnel get notified in the event of:

  • Extreme Temperature
  • Water Presence
  • Significant Humidity Fluctuations
  • Carbon Monoxide Presence
  • Unauthorized Entry
  • Power or Equipment Failure
  • Loss of Connectivity
  • Airflow Disruption

The reliable, predictive OneEvent® System functions via an independent cellular gateway. It learns normal patterns and alerts specified personnel when there is an interruption in equipment status or an environmental threat. The patented predictive analytics allow you to review conditions and take note of routines to maximize operational efficiency and safety.

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Build and order a basic package with all refrigeration units on the same floor & within 60 feet of each other. Please request a quote if you need a larger system, Digital Data Loggers (DDL) or have other special requirements.

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Our data center monitoring solution keeps a watchful eye on the following data center and server room equipment: UPS, generator, switchgear, communications gear, other mission-critical backup battery systems and TCP/IP devices.

The benefits of OneEvent include:

  • Scalability for any environment, from data closets to data centers
  • Prevented loss of employee productivity due to switch failures
  • Prediction and alert for fire up to 20 minutes before standard alarms
  • Automation, which reduces the risk of human error, and increases employee efficiencies by removing the need for testing by hand.
  • Prevented disruption, unplanned outages or downtime to IT infrastructure
  • Potential to stop a disaster that can be costly, time-consuming for employees, and difficult to recover from

Ensure employee safety, quickly identify events that can lead to service interruptions, and protect your investments with OneEvent to improve data center safety with regard to data center battery monitoring and UPS monitoring.

Data Center and Server Room Temperature Monitoring


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