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In the property and casualty insurance industry, there’s nothing more important than minimizing risk. Your industry is increasingly relying on third parties for analytics so you can focus on your core business mission. It’s recognizing that buildings and homes under a watchful eye and with an added layer of protection are at decreased risk for preventable disasters. The OneEvent’s System is the first of its kind to give insurance companies like yours invaluable predictive data analytics to better understand customers’ behavior to accurately measure risk.

OneEvent measures and records temperature, motion and water in real time, so you can easily review the property’s conditions leading up to, during and following a property-damaging event. And even after an alarm goes off, OneEvent continues to collect data, unlike most smoke alarms that remain static once they go off


  • Allows you to assess risk of the insured. If the insured is behaving in ways that could lead to property damage and loss — smoking, inattentive cooking and poor home maintenance, for instance — the OneEvent system will give you an honest, complete picture.
  • Speeds up claims processing. Insurers like you can rely on OneEvent data to move claims along swiftly and accurately, thanks to a full accounting of a catastrophic event.
  • Identifies potential building areas that require attention or improvement. The system catches minor issues that could become a problem, including water leaks, drafts and others.

Monitoring customers’ behavior is helpful to the customer, too, because it may influence behavior positively by motivating the insured with the potential of lower premiums.

Smart building and home monitoring technology like OneEvent has many benefits. It makes people feel safer and more connected. It’s certainly convenient to be able to turn off appliances or adjust a thermostat remotely. But the strongest incentive of installing the OneEvent System is for you to save possibly thousands of dollars in claims.


Water losses have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. As that trend continues, water detection technology like the newly released OneEvent Water Sensor will become the standard first-line defense for water damage prevention. The advanced sensing and monitoring technology in our Water Sensor delivers reliable, easy-to-use leak prevention that notifies the building owner or manager when water must be shut off.

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