OneEvent® System

We leverage predictive analytics and the science of today’s sensor systems and apply them to reduce risk and help protect your business and home. We call it the OneEvent® System.

You’ll call it a lifesaver.

When it comes to protecting your property and the people you are responsible for you have two choices:

1) Getting an alert AFTER a disaster has happened, or
2) Getting ACTIONABLE information before it happens.

OneEvent® System focuses on stopping disasters before the fact.

As sensors collect data, leveraged with a patented algorithm and cloud computing, OneEvent® System learns what’s normal in your environments. When OneEvent® System senses important changes in temperature, carbon monoxide, humidity, motion, moisture or more — you get notified. And, you reduce risk. That’s a powerful thing.

Proactive technology in the palm of your hand

Save Lives | Save Property | Save on Unnecessary Insurance Claims and Cost

OneEvent® System Is An Outstanding Value

Predict. Alert. Prevent TM


Constantly measures carbon monoxide, temperature, motion and other factors in your business and home.


Learns and adapts to your building’s daily routine to determine what is normal.


Leverages the power of cloud computing to immediately alert you on your smart phone when measured factors change beyond what is normal.

Protect Your Business With OneEvent® System

Your business is your livelihood and needs to be protected.  This new, innovative technology is the smartest building protection available because it alerts you to issues before they become problems. Let’s face it — insurance can’t replace downtime and missed opportunities for your business. What are you waiting for? Call us today.

Protect Your Residents With OneEvent® System

Do your residents deserve to be safe? OneEvent can help you enhance the service you provide and better protect your investment and the safety the people living in your buildings.

What isn’t Measured isn’t Managed

The OneEvent Dashboard is a management tool that tracks and displays sensor data and system health. With its robust ability to sort, report and share visual displays your productivity is increased allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you.


  • Thermo HeartbeatTM displays real-time health report of all refrigeration units
  • Clear and concise visualization of all sensors, events, alerts, patterns & trends
  • Historical data reports by date range
  • Refrigeration unit watch list
  • Meta data tracking by units’ make, model, serial number and year
  • NIST Certification tracking
  • Ability to customize notifications preference by alarm type

App-based Smartphone Monitoring and Alerts

Via SMS text messages and in-app alerts

Predictive Analytics Monitoring Carbon Monoxide, Temperature, Motion and more

  • Learns and adapts to normal
  • Sends early-warning alerts when abnormal activity occurs
  • Staff and visitor notifications
  • Swipe for connected security and self-arming

Convenient, Secure and

Reliable Connectivity

  • Wireless sensors, easy installation and simple maintenance
  • App-based smartphone monitoring and alerts
  • Online Dashboard for detailed reporting
  • Cloud-based computing and data storage
  • No land line or Wi-Fi needed

Peace of Mind
and Cost Savings

  • Enhanced control & improved security
  • Guided energy savings & freeze protection
  • Protect property, reduce insurance claims and costs
  • Reduce energy bills & enhance comfort
  • In-depth reporting & accelerated forensic investigation