Restaurant & Food Service Cooler Monitoring

Are you correctly monitoring the health of your food preparation and food storage environment? Does your cooler monitoring consist of employees manually checking food temperatures many times a day and logging them in a notebook or on a clipboard?

Our cooler monitoring software system is the only one on the market that can empower you to predict and prevent issues that could be catastrophic to your food supply and food service equipment.

The OnePrevent building system:

  • provides automated daily temperature reports
  • monitors cooler and freezer performance as well as door activations and door open times, including safe doors
  • monitors building safety, security and comfort
  • plots building occupant usage and single-day building security
  • records and reports all water, smoke/heat and CO events, sending an immediate notification if something is out of the ordinary
  • features an intuitive windows display data, and provides means of selecting date ranges and exporting data

After just a month of installing the OnePrevent system for cooler monitoring and building monitoring, your business can expect a significant ROI in the following ways:

  • prevention of potential food and equipment loss
  • prevention of service interruption or costly bills due to equipment failure
  • improved safety and comfort of customers and staff
  • a reduction in energy costs
  • changed employee behavior in response to the machine learning environment

The OnePrevent system is comprised of battery-operated, wireless sensors communicating with a battery-backed gateway hub.

Cellular Gateway

  • Internet link is a secure, dedicated cellular connection
  • Battery backup with AC loss detection
  • Remote software updates means it always up dated with latest application
  • Continuous monitoring of connection status

Sensors and Alarms

  • Smoke sensor (UL approved)
  • CO sensor (UL approval pending)
  • Motion, door, water, humidity/temp sensors
  • All equipment is wireless and battery operated, making it quick and easy to install
  • Food-grade temperature sensors for coolers, freezers, steam tables, etc.