OneEvent For Business

What isn’t measured isn’t managed. And, as you know, if you’re not measuring the right data, you’re in the dark.

You probably already have alarms in place. But none have the patented predictive analytics, sensor systems and reporting power of OneEvent.

Early prediction combined with smartphone alerts and reporting gives you, and key staff, the power to react with the most effective response possible, all while saving money on unnecessary insurance claims and reducing downtime.

There’s a revolution in smart building systems and intelligent environments; managing your data is as important as measuring your environment. OneEvent does both.


Hospital & Clinic Vaccine Monitoring

Restaurant & Food Storage Cooler

Data Center Monitoring

Pharmacy Refrigerator & Freezer Monitoring System

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OneEvent Technologies – IoT Data Engineer

Are you obsessed with building large reservoirs for big data, finding efficient methods of processing data, and providing data in a ready-to-use formats? Do your coworkers look to you to solve data wrangling related challenges or issues? OneEvent Technologies was born...

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Food Service Management Award from Food & Beverage Technology