oneEvent, Many Benefits

For First Responders

The oneEvent solution provides first responders with the ability to answer tough questions before they arrive at the scene of a fire or emergency event.

Are people still in the building? And if so, where are they now? Where did the fire originate, and where is it going? How severe is it? Are the smoke detectors working? What does the structure look like? Where are the doors and windows? What is the floor plan? How old is the structure? What neighborhood is it located in?

Answers to these questions allow the firefighters and EMTs to better plan what resources are required to rescue and treat victims, and to locate, confine and extinguish the fire faster and more efficiently.

Randy Sellnow“As a Chief Fire Officer with forty years of experience as both a Chief and as an educator and Fire Instructor, I have been exposed through my involvement in the International Association of Fire Chiefs as President of the Great Lakes Division, to the stories and experiences of tragedies and frustration in the fire service of not having the information needed to respond appropriately and to not have the complete picture of exactly what we are responding to.

I whole-heartedly endorse this system as the next great tool in our arsenal for both the fire service as well as the general public in reducing death and injury in providing a real-time property saving system to combat the effects of the fires burning hotter and faster.”

Chief Randall J. Sellnow (ret.)

For the Insurance Industry

Through services designed to provide access to our database, oneEvent gives insurers the ability to align insurance with risk, which reduces premiums for responsible customers, encourages good behaviors, and reduces claim losses. It also allows claim adjusters to look back in time to answer tough questions.

Were there risks before the emergency event occurred? What events or behaviors may have led to or caused the emergency? Was the property protected by working sensors? Were the property owners aware of a problem which eventually led to the emergency? How quickly was the emergency stopped?

Investigators do this by pulling up the data after the emergency is over, providing them with a minute-by-minute history of how the fire started, spread and was extinguished.

For Property Owners

oneEvent delivers early warnings to those who can act decisively before an emergency has occurred, not just an alarm after the emergency has already happened. This will eventually reduce the frequency and severity of most emergencies, both in the workplace and at home.


The oneEvent Sentinel operating System (SoS) compares current building conditions against its baseline to proactively identify potential for fire or other destructive events, and notifies building owners and managers as well as first responders before an incident can occur and cause significant damage.

Through a smart system of sensors and integration with the building’s current alarm systems, the SoS develops a baseline for ideal environmental conditions at locations as diverse as warehouses and factories, small office buildings and skyscrapers.

oneEvent’s solution uses wireless transmitters to communicate real-time conditions at property locations to its cloud-based data warehouse. Property owners and facility managers can instantly access this information on mobile devices and web-based dashboards.

Should signs of a potentially hazardous incident emerge, the SoS immediately notifies property owners and facility managers, as well as first responders, with up-to-the-minute conditions viewable on a smartphone or tablet.

Consider the potential risks of modern generator rooms, or electric storage systems (ESS) powered by lithium-ion batteries, which start venting explosive gases at 158 degrees and explode at 450 degrees. Our solution identifies indications of deteriorating conditions well in advance, allowing you to take immediate measures to rectify the situation.

This implementation can prevent property damage and loss of life, a considerable reassurance to investors and insurance providers. If an incident is unavoidable, the system then provides analytics to insurers, expediting investigations and claims.

oneEvent’s SoS is the new standard in electronic building intelligence (EBI).


Today’s homes aren’t built like they used to be; independent research and testing shows that homes furnished with modern fabrics and materials burn nearly 10 times faster than before, dramatically reducing the time for occupants to escape and fire personnel to save the home. oneEvent Technologies was born out of technical know-how and inspiration to bring life safety systems into the modern age.

John Schauf“I believe oneEvent Technologies… will change the way fire departments are able to gather that information and will be regarded as one of the most significant improvements to life safety, for the next generation.

…Someday, we’ll look back on the time when such technologies weren’t readily available, and wonder how we could have gotten by without it.”

Captain John Schauf (ret.)
Kilbourn Fire Department
Fire Training Consultant, Fire Facilities Inc.