October 8-14 is Fire Prevention Week, and the National Fire Protection Association’s theme this year is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”

The organization wants the public to plan two escape routes in the event of a fire. Steps you can take to make a safe exit from a fire include:

  • drawing a map of your home and marking two exits from every room.
  • conducting a fire drill a couple times a year — one at night and one during the day — to practice finding ways outside.
  • teaching children how to escape on their own in case you’re not home to help them.
  • closing doors behind you as you leave your home to slow the spread of the fire.
  • staying outside once you exit. It’s never safe to go back into a burning home.

To mark Fire Prevention Week, OneEvent will be releasing a whitepaper detailing its research on the prevention of smoldering fires in partnership with safety certification and consulting company UL. OneEvent’s OneEvent home & building monitoring system is able to predict and detect a smoldering fire up to 20 minutes before standard alarms.

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