OneEvent For Homes

You probably already have alarm systems in place. That’s good. But may not be good enough. Alarms only notify you only after something bad has happened. OneEvent software can make you the most proactive (and protected) property owner around.

That’s why we created OneEvent. Because a single event can change your life, and your livelihood. OneEvent empowers you to be proactive.

Our patented software platform gets to know what’s normal in your building. OneEvent senses smoke, temperature and water; if there’s a change in key measurements or patterns, you get notified by smartphone.

OneEvent leverages the power of cloud computing to immediately alert you on your smartphone when measured factors change beyond what is normal.



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OneEvent In The News

OneEvent Using Predictive Analytics to Protect COVID-19 Vaccines

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin (December 8, 2020) – OneEvent Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce its new innovation, the Thermo Heartbeat TM algorithm. Utilizing predictive analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, OneEvent® monitors refrigeration temperatures...

OneEvent Installed in Green Bay Area Taco Bell Restaurants

OneEvent Installed in Green Bay Area Taco Bell Restaurants

OneEvent Technologies' installation team recently traveled to seven Taco Bell restaurants in the Green Bay, Wis., region to equip the locations with the OneEvent system. Owned by the restaurant group Tonn's Inc., a Society Insurance customer, the installations were...

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