The adult population aged 65+ is projected to nearly double by the year 2050, reaching over 83 million.  As this population ages, they will require additional support to keep them healthy, safe and as independent as possible.  OneEvent Technologies is leveraging predictive analytics to better manage the care of older adults and empower their caregivers.

OneEvent’s® senior living monitoring system, OneEvent, uses sensors to collect data which is interpreted by a patented algorithm and cloud computing, and communicated via the OneEvent app.  Real-time and historical reporting provides caregivers with actionable information.

“Even when we’re there, you can’t watch someone all the time. OneEvent gives you a whole picture of what’s going on, and we can adjust to make our residents’ lives better,” said Pam Blabaum, Manager of Ingleside Manor in Mount Horeb, Wis.

Julie M.’s father has dementia and has been living in Inglewood Apartments — an Ingleside facility — for a year. Inglewood Apartments is a residential care apartment complex designed for older adults with minimal personal care needs, and the most independent of Ingleside’s living communities. Keeping her father safe and as independent as possible has been a priority for Julie and her family.

To provide the support required for her father, Julie and her family spent countless hours checking up on him, attempting to understand his patterns and predict potential safety issues.  Adding further challenges, like all seniors with dementia, her father had difficulty accurately recalling aspects of his day-to-day life.

Like many other similar facilities, Inglewood Apartments is staffed from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

“My father is in the apartment all alone, and he’s OK during the day, but the complex is not staffed at night,” Julie said. “At one point he told us he spends some evenings walking around in the hallway after hours, which had us concerned that he could fall or even try to exit the building.”

Julie and her family were not sure if their father was able to successfully communicate his issues and concerns, and they were unable to judge how serious some of his comments or complaints were.  For example, he said he was walking out of his apartment at night, which meant that no one was able to attend to him if he fell. They relied on the OneEvent® System to confirm their suspicions that their father was not remembering accurately.

Julie and Inglewood Apartments turned to OneEvent for a solution.

The OneEvent Solution

OneEvent’s® artificial intelligence system offers non-invasive, continuous monitoring of activity within the older adult living environment. The system includes the following sensors: motion, door/window, temperature/humidity, smoke/carbon monoxide and water.

Alerts can be sent when the following events occur:

  • The temperature rises quickly due to a cooking hazard, such as a burner or oven left on.
  • There is a power outage.
  • Smoke is present.
  • Carbon monoxide is detected.
  • There is a water leak.
  • There is entrance, exit or movement in secured areas.
  • Refrigerator temperatures change, or the door opens and closes.
  • Medicine drawer is activated.
  • Building comfort is compromised.
  • The resident takes a shower.
  • Humidity is rising, indicating a possible water leak.
  • The resident is away from home for longer than expected.
  • Wake time is significantly different, or there is a lack of movement during typically active times of the day.
  • Activity increases during normal sleeping hours.
  • A door is open for an extended amount of time, indicated by a temperature change.

System benefits include:

  • Can’t be forgotten or lost, like wearable devices
  • Oversight of caregiving staff
  • No need for the resident to learn new technology
  • All alerts go to the account holders’ phones, allowing them to text between themselves about any one event – with no limit to the number of accounts
  • Free software updates
  • Mobile device and desktop dashboards
  • Non-invasive equipment that does not label a person as elderly, as wearable monitoring devices such as pendants and bracelets do

Aside from monitoring, OneEvent also provides detailed reporting. “We had an appointment with the doctor, and dad has previously complained that he wasn’t sleeping. With OneEvent, we could print out a chart of his sleep patterns for the previous six weeks.

It proved to us, and Dad’s doctor, that he had sleep issues and the doctor was able to adjust his medications,” Julie reported.

“We trust his facility, but OneEvent allows us to be vigilant without being there or calling numerous times to check in. OneEvent has allowed our dad to stay more independent because we’re able to monitor him remotely with the OneEvent app and keep him in an independent environment longer than he might normally be able to stay,” Julie added.

“Safety and well-being are top priorities for a senior living facility,” Blabaum said, and OneEvent addresses both. “I feel comfortable knowing that our tenants are safe, which is our priority. Safety is why people come to us, and it’s why we are recommended so often. OneEvent gives us a chance to be preventive which may allow a resident to remain  more independent and live in an apartment instead of one of our other communities with more assistance.”

“We would all love to prevent bad things from happening, and that’s the most beneficial aspect of the system OneEvent helps us, and the family of our residents, be proactive instead of reactive,” Blabaum concluded.