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OnePrevent Provides Peace of Mind

Providing enhanced safety with real-time monitoring and smart alerts.

OneEvent provides caregivers and family members monitoring technology allowing those they care for to maintain independence, privacy and comfort. More importantly, OnePrevent helps ensure the environment in which those they care for live is safe and secure.

Using the OnePrevent monitoring system can assist in understanding patterns and help alleviate the stress by recognizing anomalies that may signify a potential problem. We’ve been told that OnePrevent ultimately provides peace of mind.

Less invasive than wearable monitoring devices such as pendants and bracelets, OnePrevent can provide a comprehensive picture of an individual’s habits while delivering automatic, real-time alerts to a phone or other mobile device.  Unlike traditional wearable devices, the OnePrevent system cannot be forgotten or lost and does not require anyone to make changes to their daily routines.

The OnePrevent Solution

OneEvent’s OnePrevent artificial intelligence system offers non-invasive, continuous monitoring of activity within the older adult living environment. The system includes the following sensors: motion, door/window, temperature/humidity, smoke/carbon monoxide and water.

Alerts can be sent when the following events occur:

  • The temperature rises quickly due to a cooking hazard, such as a burner or oven left on.
  • There is a power outage.
  • Smoke is present.
  • Carbon monoxide is detected.
  • There is a water leak.
  • There is entrance, exit or movement in secured areas.
  • Refrigerator temperatures change, or the door opens and closes.
  • Medicine drawer is activated.
  • Building comfort is compromised.
  • The resident takes a shower.
  • Humidity is rising, indicating a possible water leak.
  • The resident is away from home for longer than expected.
  • Wake time is significantly different, or there is a lack of movement during typically active times of the day.
  • Activity increases during normal sleeping hours.
  • A door is open for an extended amount of time, indicated by a temperature change.

System benefits include:

  • Can’t be forgotten or lost, like wearable devices
  • Oversight of caregiving staff
  • No need for the resident to learn new technology
  • All alerts go to the account holders’ phones, allowing them to text between themselves about any one event – with no limit to the number of accounts
  • Free software updates
  • Mobile device and desktop dashboards
  • Non-invasive equipment that does not label a person as elderly, as wearable monitoring devices such as pendants and bracelets do

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