There’s been a trend in the property and casualty insurance industry to rely less on internal analytics, and to look to third parties for information that helps companies evaluate a customer’s risk.

OneEvent Technologies’ OneEvent® System provides real-time data that allows insurers to monitor their customers’ behavior. While that might sound invasive to the customers, it actually benefits them by helping them learn more about their properties and to influence their behavior with the hope of that paying off in the form of lower premiums.  shutterstock_147625883

OneEvent aids insurers in a variety of ways:

  • Measuring risk. Because OneEvent gives customers the information they need to act and prevent an issue with their building(s), insurance companies will have another layer of protection. Customers with OneEvent will be deemed less risky.
  • Understanding the history of a catastrophic event. Because OneEvent records temperature, humidity and motion in real time, an insurance company can easily review the property’s conditions leading up to an event, as well as during the event.
  • Speed of processing claims. Insurers will be better equipped to move claims along swiftly and accurately with a full accounting of an event.
  • Areas to improve. A customer will learn more about a given property and be able to potentially prevent future incidents.

To learn more about the OneEvent® System, visit our product web page or call 855.528.8324.