Opportunity Statement

Storage of medications at the wrong temperature can alter the potency, shelf life and composition of a drug.  Exposure of medication to inappropriate conditions may render them ineffective, or even harmful if ingested.  Plus, with new state regulations in effect, it was imperative that Prevea Health utilize a dependable and effective system to manage and measure the safety and security of their medication inventory.

The Problem

“Anticipating our new state regulations, we had our first monitoring system installed but discovered a number of issues,” said John M. Zeller, Prevea Health Director of Facilities & Support Services.

“On two different occasions, we had staff working overnight to correct problems with the system. You can imagine how much stress that puts on our people, not to mention the overtime costs. Between false alarms, slow connectivity, short battery life and inconsistent reporting, we needed to make a change.”

The Solution

Prevea Health is an integrated multispecialty group with locations throughout Wisconsin, including 60 clinics and more than 600 providers. “We needed a replacement system that was reliable, affordable and provided all the reporting necessary to keep our patients safe and comply with the state regulations.  We could not be happier with our new OneEvent™ System from OneEvent Technologies,” Zeller said.

At the core of the OneEvent® System is a patented AI software platform that leverages machine learning to analyze a multitude of environmental sensor measurements, creating valuable information and messages that are sent instantaneously to mobile devices. The AI solution can keep watch in an environment and think, learn and act in response to what it’s sensing.

The OneEvent environmental sensors are designed to measure a variety of conditions, storing all the data in a decentralized database. The AI solution analyzes the data to learn the intimate behavior of a building or equipment to understand what is normal, and creates immediate alerts when conditions are not. Because OneEvent is a cloud-based SaaS platform, new features and improvements happen automatically — meaning the system gets better, and smarter, with time.

Pilot Program

“The team from OneEvent was great!” according to Zeller. “We started with a pilot program and tested three refrigerators alongside the existing system. During the testing we identified three or four modifications that needed to be made, and OneEvent made every change within three days. In a very short time, we learned that OneEvent was far superior to our existing system.”

Zeller said that during one of Prevea’s conference calls with OneEvent, “we got a temp notification; one of our cooler doors was left open, and together, we watched the temp slowly increase. But, then we got the notification that the door was finally closed and then the temp went down. The system provided the exact information we needed without the need to send a tech to the location. That sealed the deal.”

Features & Benefits

Prevea Health has realized a number of benefits from OneEvent, including:

  • Predictive analytics, which allow Prevea to react to issues before they become significant problems.
  • Real-time monitoring through the OneEvent app, available on iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Continuous monitoring with reporting of connection status and sensor health through a secure, fast and dedicated cellular connection.
  • All wireless and battery-operated equipment, making the solution quick and easy to install.


“With our old system, we used to have at least two problems a day. Since we’ve installed OneEvent, we have not had a single issue or problem,” Zeller concluded. “It feels great not to have to worry anymore. The system is working extremely well. We’ve gotten outstanding service and the cost savings are significant. Installation of OneEvent is written into our specs — every new building will have it in place going forward.”