OneEvent Technologies’ installation team recently traveled to seven Taco Bell restaurants in the Green Bay, Wis., region to equip the locations with the OneEvent® System.

Owned by the restaurant group Tonn’s Inc., a Society Insurance customer, the installations were completed to monitor the coolers and facility for disaster prevention, equipment failures, food safety and more.

Soon after installing the OneEvent® System for cooler monitoring and building monitoring, many restaurants and food service businesses can expect a significant ROI through:

  • prevention of potential food and equipment loss
  • prevention of service interruption or costly bills due to equipment failure
  • improved safety and comfort of customers and staff
  • a reduction in energy costs
  • changed employee behavior in response to the machine learning environment

Society Insurance, whose policies protect many restaurant and food service businesses, recently began a partnership and pilot program with OneEvent to introduce the company’s restaurant and food service solutions to its policyholders.

To learn more about OneEvent’s restaurant and food service cooler monitoring solutions, send us a message or contact Vice President of Sales Chris Washburn at or call 855.528.8324.