OneEvent Technologies will head to Boston this weekend to share its OneEvent system with those attending the NPFA Conference & Expo Sunday, June 4–Tuesday, June 6, in Boston, Mass.

OneEvent will be located in Booth 902 at the event, which combines learning opportunities and discussions with an expo featuring the latest fire safety products and services that meet compliance with codes and standards in the design, construction and management of all types of facilities.

Avi Rosenthal, who heads up OneEvent’s product marketing, will be presenting at the conference on Sunday. He will provide an in-depth look at how the OneEvent® System works, and why there’s such a need to shifting the paradigm from reaction to prevention in the fire safety, security and home monitoring industries.

Nathaniel Lin, NFPA’s chief data scientist and a OneEvent board member, will present at the conference as well, sharing information about a planned house burning where OneEvent data was installed and collected data throughout the fire. The OneEvent™ system was found to predict the fire approximately 18 minutes before standard alarms sounded.

The OneEvent™ building and home monitoring system does what traditional alarm systems cannot: predict, alert and prevent disasters before they occur. It leverages a powerful, cloud-based analytical engine that processes data collected by wireless sensors to determine what’s normal within a home or building environment. By constantly measuring environmental factors such as temperature, air quality, motion and moisture, the deep learning analytics engine learns what’s “normal” over time in a specific space. If the system receives an abnormal reading, it can determine potential risks and alert property or building managers of the possibility of a disaster, such as a fire or flood, before the event actually occurs.