The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a seventh patent to OneEvent® Technologies, OneEvent President and CEO Kurt Wedig announced today.

The patent allows for a self-administering listening network and time-based schedule that saves battery life by harmonizing the communications between devices and the receiver.

The patent protects OneEvent’s intellectual property as unique and unprecedented.

“This is our seventh patent, and we have many more applications in the works with the USPTO,” Wedig said. “We have a talented team of engineers and software developers who are constantly finding new applications in our pursuit of transforming the building and home monitoring landscape in terms of safety and security.”

OneEvent Technologies is a Mount Horeb, Wisconsin-based software company and the creator of the OneEvent™ system, a live, predictive analytic environmental threat detection system for commercial and residential structures. OneEvent’s systems utilize sensors and cloud-based analytics that communicate potential and real threats such as fire, water and unusual activity through smartphone & tablet apps.