The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a sixth patent to OneEvent Technologies for its OneEvent application, OneEvent President and CEO Kurt Wedig announced today.

The patent application was based on a unique communication protocol of a networked evacuation system. The patent protects OneEvent’s intellectual property as unique and unprecedented.

“This patent will allow us to build a  communication network between our OneEvent system’s sensors and the cloud,” Wedig said. “Our engineers are encouraged and expected to make these types of discoveries that contribute to our new model for the safety and security industries.”

OneEvent Technologies is a Mount Horeb, Wisconsin-based high-tech firm and the creator of OneEvent, a live, predictive analytic environmental threat detection system for commercial and residential facilities. OneEvent’s systems utilize sensors and cloud-based analytics that communicate potential and real threats such as fire, water and unusual activity through smartphone & tablet apps.

The patent approval comes on the heels of OneEvent winning the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s Most Innovative Company Award on Dec. 14, in addition to the public release of its “Apartment in a Building” research project at CVTC in Eau Claire, Wis., also in mid-December.

OneEvent won the Most Innovative Company Award over 34 local high-tech firms ranging from biotech to programming that were part of a Startup Showcase in August. That field was narrowed to seven finalists, who competed for the award at the Nex7 Stage Event on Dec. 14.  The “Apartment in a Building” project literally required building a fully furnished apartment within the CVTC fire training center’s 20,000-square-foot, fire-protected burn building, the first-ever project of its kind at the technical college.