OneEvent Technologies’ OneEvent® System is capable of protecting a variety of property types as well as their tenants, and multiunit properties are becoming a common audience for the product.

OneEvent recently attended the Multifamily Exchange in Scottsdale, Ariz., to meet with the top multifamily housing buyers in the U.S. The event included apartment owners, managers, builders, developers, architects and others.

Most multiunit buildings offer little security for the individual, tenant-occupied units, and use moderately simple fire detection devices. Property managers also have significant responsibilities when it comes to their tenants’ safety, comfort and security. They are constantly on call to troubleshoot or problem-solve situations related to the building or the tenants. Determining a reasonable solution to a problem and a root cause of an issue, as well as deactivating the safety system, is oftentimes difficult given the lack of available information. Property managers must rely on word of mouth to become aware of the concern.

While there is no substitute for professional, one-on-one contact with tenants, new technology provides property managers with real-time, room-specific information to better understand site dynamics and locate potential breakdowns in safety equipment. Issues can be addressed quicker and more precisely. An increase in speed and sharpened accuracy directly affects the likelihood that their tenants will remain safer and more comfortable.

OneEvent’s cloud-based software solution continuously collects, integrates and analyzes sensory data about each housing unit using permanent monitoring devices. By comparing data over time, the advanced technology recognizes normal occupancy and environmental patterns in any single location. Significant changes from normal routines can warn of trouble in advance; potential emergencies can be addressed proactively and averted. Simply put, the OneEvent® System puts a revolutionary fire and security panel in the pockets of both the tenant and the property manager by communicating all events to their smartphone devices.

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