Realizing that what isn’t measured isn’t managed, Jim Nonn — owner of the Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Culver’s Restaurant franchise — turned to OneEvent™ Technologies’ OneEvent™ system to monitor and report on key environmental metrics of his business.

OneEvent is a cloud-based software solution that continuously collects, integrates and analyzes sensory data using semi-permanent onitoring devices. By comparing aggregated data over time, OneEvent recognizes normal patterns in any single location. Significant changes in these patterns can warn of trouble in advance; potential emergencies can be addressed proactively and averted. In addition, OneEvent can reveal opportunities for improvements to operations that can provide energy and payroll savings.

Since installation of OneEvent in May 2017, Culver’s of Mount Horeb has realized significant savings in labor and energy costs while enhancing food, guest and staff safety. In addition, OneEvent predicted and prevented a potential loss of inventory in the store’s primary cooler.


“Our priorities for the new OneEvent® System include improving the safety of our guests and staff, reducing expenses and preventing loss,” Nonn said.

To accomplish these goals, a OneEvent® System was installed, which monitors:

  • Building safety and security, including smoke, CO and leak and/or flood potential
  • Building comfort, including temperature and humidity
  • Cooler performance, including door activations, temperature and humidity

The OneEvent® System also includes the OneEvent gateway, which collects the data wirelessly on site, and transfers it to the cloud for analysis and communication via an app and dashboards.

“My staff pays attention to what I pay attention to,” said Nonn. By having data and reporting on important elements of the operation, Culver’s will be modifying employee activity, allowing management and staff to work together to understand and achieve business goals.


Predictive Analytics
OneEvent Technologies’ OneEvent® System is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) to accurately predict disastrous events prior to their occurrence. The OneEvent ecosystem works with everyday sensor hardware, measuring smoke, motion, water, humidity, carbon monoxide and temperature, amongst others, to sense critical variations that lend themselves to potentially threatening events. The OneEvent gateway supports cloud-based analysis and communications, delivering critical information to the OneEvent smartphone app. The OneEvent® System can predict potentially dangerous events while maintaining vigilance of regular environmental patterns. And because OneEvent is a SaaS platform, with the analytics in the cloud, new features and improvements happen automatically — meaning the system gets better, and smarter, with time.

Sensors and Alarms

  • Smoke alarms are UL 217 approved
  • CO alarms are pending UL 2034 approval
  • All equipment is wireless and battery operated, making it quick and easy to install
  • Food grade, water resistance temperature, humidity and steamer monitoring capabilities from Wyze Temp
  • System is continuously monitored for accuracy and health


  • UL 217A approval pending
  • Internet link is a secure, dedicated cellular connection
  • Battery backed with AC loss detection
  • Remote software updates assure the latest application is running
  • Continuous monitoring of connection status


  • Continuous cooler monitoring on 16 cooling units’ temperatures, humidity and door open times
  • Temperature and humidity sensing in dining, dry storage and laundry areas
  • Water alarms in bathroom, fountain area, laundry and dishwashing areas
  • Advance security notifications at office safe and rear entrance
  • Advance smoke and CO alarm monitoring in dining, laundry and office areas
  • Automated web-based dashboards & daily reports for all cooler monitoring
  • All alarms and alerts sent directly to designated staff members’ mobile devices

Mobile Reporting, Alters and Dashboards

Real-time monitoring is available through the OneEvent app, available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

As OneEvent learns customized “normal” conditions for all sensors reporting, alerts are sent to appropriate mobile devices.

Dashboard Summary & Samples

  • Cooler temperature & compiled reporting
  • Cooler door pen times
  • Building safety & security
  • Safe door open times
  • Environmental dashboard


Culver’s Restaurant has documented multiple benefits, including labor and energy savings, improved food safety, loss prevention, and enhanced guest and staff safety.

The Health Department requires that cooler temperatures be taken twice daily, while Culver’s headquarters requires monitoring three times daily. “OneEvent will eliminate at least 1.5 hours a day in labor while compiling the readings and assuring a higher level of accuracy,” said Culver’s Restaurant General Manager Mariah Stafford.

“In addition to accurate and timely measurements, OneEvent also allows us to monitor cooler temperatures 24/7/365. This allows us to feel secure in knowing that at all times we’re maintaining the highest food safety storage temperature standards possible.”

Culver’s anticipates an annual savings of $6,250 in staff expense.

A loss of cooler function can result in the loss of thousands of dollars in food costs. “A few weeks ago, a repairman did not turn on the cooler fan when he completed his work. As soon as the temperature began to increase, we received an alert on our mobile phones and corrected the issue,” said Nonn. “Anyone in this business knows how costly food loss is to your bottom line.”

In addition to preventing loss, OneEvent is also a powerful tool in measuring employee habits and energy waste. This has significantly reduced energy use and utility expense.  As shown on the graphic, Culver’s realized a savings of more than $900 in just two months.

“At first, were amazed how long some of our coolers were open,” Stafford said. “Now that we measure, behaviors are changing. Staff is more careful with cooler use. The better we get with the door timing and better monitoring, the higher our energy savings.” As a direct result, Culver’s has reduced its maximum cooler open times from approximately 25 minutes to 3 minutes.


Multiple benefits are being realized with the OneEvent® System at Culver’s Restaurant in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Annual projected cost reductions in staffing and energy savings total nearly $12,000.

As staff continue to adjust their work procedures, it’s probable that Culver’s will generate an even higher level of cost savings. “This is just the beginning,” Nonn said. “We have plans to install OneEvent in all our stores, and as we continue to add new sensors and monitoring, we will continue to improve our efficiency. In addition, with OneEvent’s ability to also predict issues, we have greater peace of mind knowing that we’re keeping our customers and staff as safe as possible.”