Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Remote Monitoring.
Real-Time Alerts.

Cooler Monitoring App LocationsOneEvent ® provides remote cold storage temperature monitoring in two ways. First, the OneEvent® System, using Internet of Things technology (IoT) provides remote wireless temperature monitoring of cold rooms and cold storage environments through a cellular gateway. Data is wirelessly collected from cooler and freezer temperature and door sensors and is stored and analyzed in the cloud. When OneEvent learns a temperature has exceeded your pre-set limits, you get an alarm notification on your smartphone and through email. Alarm notifications are also sent if a cold storage door has been left open.

Predict Problems.
Up to 30 Days in Advance.

Cooler Monitoring AppThe OneEvent algorithm and our predictive analytics system, Thermo Heartbeat™, provides the second method of remote cold storage temperature monitoring protection. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, OneEvent’s Thermo Heartbeat™ detects whether a cooler or freezer is having issues maintaining proper temperature and can predict if a cold storage unit will exceed its temperature limits up to 30 days in advance. The Thermo Heartbeat™ technology can help prevent loss and business interruption and eliminate rush-repair charges.

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How OneEvent Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring Systems Work


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