Refrigeration Monitoring for Veterinary Medicine

Maintaining proper refrigeration temperatures for veterinary medicinal products such as vaccines, antibiotics, insulin and more are crucial to assure compliance and safety. Plus, a single temperature excursion in a veterinary refrigerator or freezer can result in a loss totaling thousands of dollars.

Not only can veterinary refrigeration monitoring from OneEvent assist in maintaining proper temperature of inventory, but because temperature logs are automated and stored in the cloud, reporting is accurate and frees up staff to concentrate on more important responsibilities.

OneEvent delivers patented technology that protects refrigerated inventory through predictive analytics and is shifting the industry paradigm from reaction to prevention.

  • Receive real-time smartphone alerts when temperature or door open times exceed parameters
  • The OneEvent® refrigeration monitoring system is wireless and cellular based and superior to WiFi
  • The Thermo Heartbeat® informs you, in advance, when a unit may need adjustment or service thus preventing costly breakdowns before they occur
  • Comprehensive dashboard access via any computer or tablet includes average temperature live view, customized reporting, watch list and individual unit make, model and age
  • Schedule alerts for NIST certification and calibration
  • OneEvent’s patented analytics and IoT technology turn your data into actionable information to prevent loss of veterinary medicines
  • Secure cellular gateway with battery back-up to assure reliability
  • Wireless sensor network including temperature and door open & close
  • Historical data storage and exports to replace paper logs
  • Detailed excursion reporting

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Veterinary Hospital & Animal Welfare Temperature Monitoring


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