You invest so much in your business. Why not take advantage of affordable, advanced technology to adequately protect it?

OneEvent Technologies has partnered with Society Insurance to offer a complete, prevention-based environmental monitoring system for your business that can help you avoid disaster, interruption in your operations, and insurance claims.

OneEvent’s OneEvent system leverages predictive analytics software to reduce your risk of catastrophic events like fires, water damage and equipment malfunctions. Most importantly, OneEvent gives you the power to mitigate against these incidents. The system learns the normal patterns of your business environment, alerting you when something falls out of range.

OneEvent also provides energy savings while protecting against product loss and spoilage, business operations interruption, equipment failure, food and product safety issues, costly equipment repairs and, most of all, human error among your staff.

OneEvent utilizes battery-operated, wireless sensors that communicate with a battery-backed gateway hub to perform continuous environmental monitoring. The system measures temperature, smoke and water presence, and carbon monoxide, sending immediate notifications to the manager’s smartphone or tablet when a significant change occurs. And all the data is measured and managed, so you can review it at any time.

The system has been proven to reduce cooler door open times, safe door open times, cooler outages, vent hood failure, sump pump failure, and more. Additionally, OneEvent watches over your entire facility, ensuring safety and comfort for your staff, customers and visitors.

Other benefits of OneEvent protection include:

  • a valuable, money-saving layer of protection on top of the required safety equipment
  • alerting to the presence of smoke up to 20 minutes before standard smoke alarms
  • loss prevention
  • automation of manual tasks, such as cooler temperature logging, through electronic cooler record technology
  • reporting and data-driven operational insights, including daily temperature and door activation reports
  • ROI in the form of energy savings
  • positively changed employee behavior through intelligence augmentation
  • possible reduction in insurance claims due to preventive maintenance and monitoring

Society customers will receive a 20 percent discount on all OneEvent hardware.

To schedule a demo and start saving, contact Vice President of Sales Chris Washburn at or 855.528.8324.