Refrigeration Monitoring Systems

Monitoring your refrigeration units has never been easier or more effective.

Whether it’s food, research samples, pharmaceuticals, or retail goods, refrigeration monitoring with OneEvent® System will not only alert you when temperatures exceed pre-set parameters, but also use predictive analytics to inform you up to 15 days before a major refrigeration event or unit failure is likely to happen.

With OneEvent® System, you’ll no longer need to manually log temperature data to stay compliant with health and safety regulations and to achieve or maintain certifications. OneEvent® System is a cellular wireless refrigeration monitoring system that collects data from each of your refrigeration units and stores that data in a cloud-based system for record-keeping and predictive analysis.

Real-time alerts via the OneEvent App to any smartphone occur when temperatures are outside pre-set parameters. The OneEvent app also gives you comprehensive dashboard management from your computer or device.

Predict. Alert. Prevent.

The OneEvent® System, with remote wireless refrigeration monitoring, protects inventory in lab and research facility cold storage in two ways. First, the OneEvent® System provides remote, real-time refrigeration monitoring through a cellular gateway, collecting data from door and temperature sensors. When conditions exceed pre-set parameters, alerts are sent to a mobile device via email, text or push notification, empowering staff to correct the problem before inventory is affected.

The second method of protection is provided through the OneEvent® System’s Thermo Heartbeat™. The Thermo Heartbeat™ analyzes refrigeration temperature variation in laboratories, biotech facilities, research and pharmaceutical facilities during normal use. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, OneEvent can predict if a refrigeration unit will fail up to 15 days in advance. OneEvent clients report the system has paid for itself in cost savings while providing peace of mind.

Your IT Staff can Rest Easy

Because OneEvent® System is a cellular-based refrigeration monitoring system, you won’t have to worry about integration with your existing IT networks. And your IT staff can rest assured OneEvent will not create a network security vulnerability because OneEvent® System operates outside and independent of your IT networks.

From Reaction to Prevention

OneEvent delivers patented technology that protects against asset loss through predictive-analytics and is shifting the industry paradigm from reaction to prevention.

  • Real-time smartphone alerts when temperature and door-open times exceed desired parameters
  • Thermo Heartbeat™ informs you, in advance when a unit may need adjustment or service thus preventing costly breakdowns before they occur and eliminating rush service fees
  • Comprehensive dashboard access via any computer or tablet includes average temperature live view, customized reporting, watch list and individual unit make, model and age
  • Secure cellular gateway with battery back-up to assure reliability

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How Much Will You Save with OneEvent?

Cellular Gateway

To assure the most stable and secure method to collect and transfer refrigeration monitoring system data to the cloud, OneEvent® uses Cellular (LTE CAT-M1) in place of Wi-Fi. Since no configuration is required, a cellular-based remote refrigeration monitoring system connects automatically with out-of-the-box simplicity. With OneEvent’s cellular gateway you can monitor hundreds of sensors providing comprehensive protection and reliable connectivity.

Thermo Heartbeat™

By collecting and analyzing refrigeration monitoring system data with predictive analytics, the OneEvent® system can detect whether a refrigerator or freezer has issues maintaining proper temperature and can predict if a unit’s temperature will go above or below its pre-set limits days in advance of doing so.

The Thermo Heartbeat™ algorithm’s advance notification allows users to take action to protect their inventory in advance of a critical situation. Aside from protecting vital inventory, OneEvent’s advance notice of potential issues reduces the strain on staff and reduces costs from expensive after-hours or rush service charges.

Remote Wireless Monitoring

The OneEvent® system, using Internet of Things technology (IoT), provides remote wireless temperature monitoring systems for coolers, freezers, and refrigeration environments through a cellular gateway. Data is collected from temperature and door sensors and is stored and analyzed in the cloud. When OneEvent learns a temperature has exceeded your pre-set limits, you get notified.

Automated Temperature Logs

Save time and money with automated refrigeration logs. Assure compliance and replace refrigeration monitoring paper logs with OneEvent’s remote wireless temperature monitoring system. Data is automatically uploaded into the cloud via our Cellular Gateway. Automated reports are emailed at your convenience with the accurate, timely and specific data you need to assure compliance and safety.

OneEvent provides protection, peace of mind, and predictive analytics for refrigeration monitoring for a broad spectrum of industries


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