Remote Environmental Monitoring for Vacation Homes or Vacant Properties

It’s stressful not knowing if your second home or vacant property is safe and secure. With OneEvent, vital real-time information is as close as your smart phone. What isn’t measured, isn’t managed and a well-managed environment empowers you to feel secure and have peace of mind.

Temperature & Humidity Environmental Monitoring

The sudden rise or drop of temperature or humidity can be an indication of an immediate or impending issue. Wireless temperature sensors monitor temperature and humidity changes and will alert you via your smart phone when conditions exceed your pre-set parameters.

Water Detection

Leaks caused for any reason, including freezing, will cause extensive and costly water damage. The extent of the loss and inconvenience is increased in an unoccupied building when the leak is not detected which will cause compounding damage if not discovered in a timely fashion. Any number of water sensors can be added to your OneEvent® System.

Fire/Smoke Detection

Fire and smoke damage are far too common causes of loss in unoccupied homes and buildings. OneEvent’s smoke & temperature sensor utilizes state-of-the-art photoelectric technology and fast-acting temperature sensing to provide excellent detection. Please note that this sensor is a supplemental system and will not replace any smoke equipment detection required by code.

Door Open/Close Sensor

The OneEvent® System will alert you anytime a door is window is opened at your property.

Motion Detection

Motion sensors alert you to unwanted intruders or let you know that a guest, cleaning service or any other scheduled visitor is present in your home.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Deadly CO and other gasses are detected with a high-performance electrochemical sensor providing advance notice of a potentially dangerous environment.

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Vacant Seasonal Properties Using Cellular Temperature Monitoring


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