Medical Refrigeration Monitoring

At the core of the OnePrevent system is a patented AI software platform that leverages machine learning to analyze a multitude of environmental sensor measurements, creating valuable information and messages that are sent instantaneously to mobile devices. The AI solution can keep watch in an environment and think, learn and act in response to what it’s sensing.

Features & Benefits

The OnePrevent system provides significant benefits including:

  • Predictive analytics, which allows personnel to react to issues before they become significant problems.
  • Real-time monitoring through the OnePrevent app, available on iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Continuous monitoring with reporting of connection status and sensor health through a secure, fast and dedicated cellular connection.
  • All wireless and battery-operated equipment, making the solution quick and easy to install

Cellular Gateway

  • Internet link is a secure, dedicated cellular connection
  • Battery backup with AC loss detection
  • Remote software updates means it always up dated with latest application
  • Continuous monitoring of connection status