Blood Bank & Infusion Center Remote Cellular Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

Blood products for transfusion and reagents must be maintained at a temperature between 1°C and 6°C. Refrigeration temperatures also need to be monitored to ensure that blood bank supplies of whole blood and red cells do not freeze.

Both refrigerated and non-refrigerated medications have specified storage temperature ranges set by the manufacturer. While most of these drugs have allowances for temporary excursions for temperatures above and below the storage range, it is in your best interest to maintain all your medications at the manufacturer suggested ranges.

A monitoring system in the refrigerator is required to assure this temperature range is maintained.

The OneEvent Cellular Remote Temperature Monitoring System is ideal for this mission critical responsibility.  

For some, “just enough” is good enough. But best-practice companies who invest in a digital, remote refrigeration monitoring system will protect their inventory, prevent loss, increase safety, reduce energy costs and safeguard their most important asset — their reputation. 

OneEvent Technologies provides medical refrigeration monitoring systems that meet and exceed published requirements and recommendations. This cellular-based wireless system provides exceptional remote refrigeration temperature monitoring and reporting and much more. For example, OneEvent’s monitoring can provide alerts to prevent costly breakdowns before they occur.

OneEvent is a great option for facilities that: 

  • See value in comprehensive remote refrigeration monitoring including temperature, door open/close, alerts and cloud-based data storage
  • Prefer cellular connectivity to WIFI
  • Have multiple units and/or multiple sites
  • Want all their data at their fingertips in an easy-to-use app and desktop dashboard
  • Are eager to recognize breakdowns before they occur

New advancements in remote temperature monitoring with Internet of Things (IoT) technology and predictive analytics are empowering well-run pharmacies to improve safety and compliance while generating significant cost savings. These advancements empower pharmacies to improve business practices based on real data.   

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Temperature Measurement, Recording and Data Storage

Current: Manual entry utilizing staff & management time costs approximately $800 per year, per unit. Providers continue to report challenges with maintaining staff compliance and accuracy. Archiving & retrieval of data is cumbersome, time consuming and costly.

OneEvent: Sensors provide accurate detailed data stored in the cloud for compliant, reliable and cost-effective retrieval, analysis and reporting. Door open and close sensors and reporting provide valuable insights into behaviors that may be generating safety issues and wasting energy.

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Current: Basic digital monitoring systems notify staff after an excursion and possibly after drugs or vaccines have been compromised.

We are all aware of the costs due to the loss of compromised medications. But, losses of inventory due to temperature excursions are far greater than the cost of drugs or vaccines alone. Staff and management are required to comply with reports and verify the efficacy of the inventory. Recent estimates show the cost of staff and management time is thousands of dollars for even a small loss. In addition, the paperwork and follow up necessary after significant excursions are a distraction from leadership and staff’s primary responsibilities.

OneEvent: Provides real time measurements and alerts sent to a smartphone to notify of issues with temperature and/or door open past the desired duration and before contents are damaged. Detailed data logging provides verifiable historic data and flexible, rapid retrieval of all temperature readings and excursions.

Predictive Analytics for Advance Notice of Equipment Failure

Current: Little information is provided on the efficiency of the unit and no advance notice is provided of breakdowns.

OneEvent: By digitally monitoring the temperature of refrigerators and freezers a wealth of valuable information is available. For example, data can reveal if a unit is running too cold, too warm or is in need of service. Measuring and managing this data can provide insightful information which can help you reduce energy costs and prevent expensive breakdowns in advance.

One of the primary causes of improper refrigeration is the breakdown of the unit itself. With new IoT technology, OneEvent generates predictive analytics within their Thermo Heartbeat™ to provide vital information about a unit’s health.

Data can provide advance notice of a refrigerator or freezer’s health and propensity for failure. These benefits have proven effective at preventing potentially disastrous excursions and expensive off-hours or urgent repair.

Our customers tell us because of our system they, and their staff, sleep better at night because they save money by preventing expensive losses and can anticipate issues before equipment breaks down.

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Predictive Analytics

OneEvent® System’s predictive analytics can help identify and alert you to concerns with blood bank refrigerators and plasma freezers before loss occurs, up to 15 days in advance.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time refrigeration monitoring system alerts when whole blood and red cell refrigerators or plasma freezer temperatures start to cycle or move beyond pre-set parameters.

Cellular. Not WiFi.

If the WiFi or power in your blood bank refrigerators go down, no worries. OneEvent® System’s remote refrigeration monitoring technologies use cellular gateways to communicate with cloud-based systems and alert you to any concerns.

Cloud-Based Data

Refrigeration temperature monitoring data from biomedical coolers and freezers are stored and analyzed in the cloud, giving you easy access from your phone, tablet, or desktop for analysis, record-keeping, and compliance.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy with OneEvent® System’s remote refrigeration temperature monitoring technologies for blood, plasma, and infusion supplies. Real-time alerts. Predictive analytics. Loss prevention.

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