Senior Living

OnePrevent Provides Peace of Mind

Providing peace of mind with daily monitoring and smart alerts.

OneEvent strives to deliver family members and caregivers monitoring with technology that allows their loved ones to maintain independence, privacy and comfort and helps ensure their living environment is safe and secure. Using the OnePrevent monitoring system can assist in understanding patterns and can help alleviate the stress of the unknown for family members by recognizing anomalies that may signify a potential problem.

Less invasive than wearable monitoring devices such as pendants and bracelets, OnePrevent can provide a comprehensive picture of a loved one’s well-being when at home, by delivering automatic, real-time alerts to a phone or other mobile device.  Unlike traditional wearable devices, the OnePrevent system cannot be forgotten or lost and does not require your loved one to make changes to their daily routines.

A person’s home should be an enjoyable place to be as a one ages. A home represents familiar comforts, daily routine, and privacy all of which help maintain self-sufficiency. The prospect of a transition from one’s home to moving in with a relative or into a senior living facility can be one of the most difficult decisions a person, or family must make in their lifetime. The OnePrevent system provides the ability for adult children to help their elderly parents maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer.





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