To provide an even greater level of monitoring and management, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new OneEvent Dashboard. 

OneEvent’s Dashboard is a management tool that tracks and displays sensor data and system health in greater detail in an easy to navigate desktop format. With its robust ability to sort, report and share visual displays your productivity is increased allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you.

Upon logging in, you can review all your sensors organized by site with access to detailed, individual sensor data. Events from the last 90 days are posted and historical data is available by date range. Enhanced reporting features will be released next month (June 2020) that will provide scheduled emailed management reports.

OneEvent Dashboard Features

  • 24/7/365 access to data from every building, room and sensor because what isn’t measured, isn’t managed.
  • Live view with visual graph displays
  • Dedicated cooler section with temperature and door open data
  • Refrigeration unit watch list
  • Unit meta data tracking by make, model, serial# and year
  • NIST Certification tracking
  • Unlimited access organized by roles (admin or user) for security

OneEvent’s App includes preset standards allowing managers to receive alerts when sensors detect abnormal issues.  The ultimate benefit is empowering you to predict, alert and prevent issues before they escalate.

OneEvent App Features

  • Sensor data is organized by type, floor and/or room
  • App sends alerts when necessary via text, push notification or email
  • Graphic displays provide clear and concise visualization of patterns and trends
  • Notification sent when the system loses AC power and switches to battery back up
  • Hush and schedule features provide flexible and focused monitoring

Actionable data, real time and historical reporting are available through the OneEvent App and the new OneEvent Dashboard.