EMC Insurance Companies has launched a pilot sensor and predictive analytics project in conjunction with tech startup OneEvent Technologies. Based in Mount Horeb, Wis., OneEvent developed OnePrevent™, a patented cloud-based building monitoring system that helps predict and prevent disasters before they occur.

Through its partnership with OneEvent, EMC is piloting monitoring systems in four Wisconsin school districts. The systems feature remote-operated sensors that monitor doors, temperature, humidity, air quality and motion. If triggered by potential or existing risks, these sensors send alerts by text message.

“This is a truly innovative way to help the Oregon School District monitor facilities without additional resources,” says Andy Weiland, business manager for the Oregon School District. “The sensors provide great data that will help us take preventive measures to save on repair costs.”

“EMC insures many school districts, and we’re eager to work with this sector to keep their students, faculty and guests safe from damaging or dangerous incidents, like fire and flooding, as well as quiet but sinister issues like mold growth and poor air quality,” says OneEvent President and CEO Kurt Wedig. “Prevention of equipment failures, along with energy and labor efficiencies, are also common among those whose properties we protect with OnePrevent.”

EMC Industrial Hygienist Steven Shaffer adds, “This partnership with OneEvent exemplifies EMC’s shift away from a repair-and-replace loss approach to one more focused on prediction and prevention. Our pilot schools now have access to real-time data and actionable insights right at their fingertips.”

About EMC Insurance Companies: EMC Insurance Companies is among the top 60 insurance organizations in the country based on net written premium, with more than 2,300 employees. EMC was organized in 1911 to write workers’ compensation protection in Iowa. Today, EMC provides property and casualty insurance products and services throughout the United States and writes reinsurance contracts worldwide. Operating under the trade name EMC Insurance Companies, EMCC and one or more of its affiliated companies is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit www.emcins.com and www.CountonEMC.com.

About OneEvent Technologies: OneEvent Technologies brings to market software systems that monitor business and home environments, generating life- and property-saving insights. OneEvent is the engineer and manufacturer of OnePrevent, the only smart software system that empowers the protection of lives and property through prediction and prevention. To learn how OnePrevent can protect property, environments and equipment, visit oneeventtech.com or call 855-528-8324.