OneEvent™ Technologies announced a value-added partnership with Society Insurance today, offering a discounted business property protection package to the company’s policyholders.

The OnePrevent™ system is the first of its kind to give building owners and managers the power to protect their assets before damage or danger strikes. OneEvent’s sensors connect to the cloud, where the system learns the business’ normal patterns to predict when something unusual occurs. If that happens, customers get an immediate notification on their smartphone. In addition to potentially preventing costly problems, the ability for property owners and managers to have access to real-time environmental monitoring lies in the palm of their hand.

“We’re excited to introduce Society’s policyholders to the many benefits of our OnePrevent system, from prevention of catastrophic incidents like fire and flooding to simply having the ability to better understand their business environment,” said OneEvent President & CEO Kurt Wedig. “Many of our customers discover they can limit loss, as well as improve efficiency in energy usage and labor, as a result of our software and data analytics.”

Society policyholders will receive detailed information about the OnePrevent system, along with a discount on the purchase of the system’s hardware. Society customers interested in installing a OnePrevent system can contact Vice President of Sales Chris Washburn at or 608.437.8324.

With headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wis., Society Insurance provides niche business insurance to restaurants, bars, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, motels, medical clinics and artisan contractors. It serves Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Tennessee.