What do the different icons mean?
These icons indicate the state of your sensors and their metrics. They appear at the site, building, floor, room, and sensor levels of the app. For groups of sensors at any level, the icon indicates that one or more sensors and their metrics in that group is in that particular state.

  • Green check mark – all sensors and metrics are normal/OK.
  • Orange warning sign – one or more sensor metrics are in a Warning state.
  • Red alarm shield – one or more metrics are in an Alarm state.
  • Gray wrench – one or more sensors are in a Fault state. Fault states have various causes, such as tampering, testing, and low battery.
  • Black WiFi with X – one or more metrics has not reported to the Gateway yet. Typically only appears immediately after installing a sensor before the sensor first transmits data to the Gateway.

The people icons indicate that a motion sensor is set up in that room. The color of the icon indicates how long it has been since motion was last detected.

  • Green – Motion in the last 5 minutes
  • Orange – Motion in the last 30 minutes
  • Dark Gray – More than 30 minutes since motion last detected
What are the different notification statuses?
  • Alarm – Indicates that the sensor is in alarm mode and producing an audible alarm, such as a smoke alarm.
  • Warning – Indicates that the sensor has detected potentially risky conditions, such as excessively low or high temperature.
  • Tamper – Indicates that the sensor is removed from the base.
Can I use OnePrevent to call an Emergency Contact?
Yes. Alarm messages in OnePrevent display the Emergency Contact(s) with a button to tap to call that number without leaving the app. Set up one or more Emergency Contacts from the Settings > Emergency Contacts option.
How do I deal with a Tamper notification?
When a smoke/heat sensor is removed from its base for any reason (such as replacing batteries), you will receive a Tamper notification. To clear the Tamper status, return the sensor unit to its base.
My smoke/heat sensor is beeping about once a minute and flashing a yellow light. What does this mean?
This indicates that the sensor has low battery power and requires replacement batteries. The sensor will continue to behave this way for at least 30 days or until the batteries are not replaced.
How do I replace the batteries in my smoke/heat sensor?
Only use Panasonic CR123A batteries in your sensor.

  1. Remove the sensor from the mounting plate. This will change the sensor’s status to Tamper.
  2. Remove the old batteries and replace them with new batteries.
  3. Reattach the sensor to the mounting plate. This will clear the sensor’s Tamper status.
  4. Press the Test button on the sensor to ensure that the sensor works as expected.
  5. Recycle the old batteries at a battery recycling drop-off site or return them to oneEvent Technologies.
What do the OnePrevent Gateway lights indicate?
  • Top LED – Power. Electrical connection, type of power source (AC or battery), and tamper notification.
  • 2nd LED – Network Connection. Gateway connection to cellular network.
  • 3rd LED – Server Connection. Gateway connection to onePrevent servers/cloud.
  • 4th LED – Sensor Activity. Indicates when gateway is receiving sensor data.
  • Button – Dealer/Installer use only
What about installation, additional equipment or repairs?

Your OnePrevent System will be installed by a OneEvent technician or a qualified contractor or dealer.  The installation fee is included within the cost of the system.  Please reach out to OneEvent if you move, need additional sensors or require repairs; we will either make the service call directly or coordinate the work through one of our qualified partners.  If the services are not covered by the warranty, we will provide a quote in advance for any costs that may be incurred.

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