About OneEvent


The inspiration for OneEvent Technologies came when company Co-Founder Kurt Wedig was watching a “Today” show segment about hotel fires. The expert suggested counting the doors as you crawl along the hallway in search of an exit. Wedig thought, couldn’t there be a better way? An idea was born.

Seeing how little the alarm system could do to prevent fires, Wedig enlisted the help of his friend, engineer Dan Parent. The pair began to develop a software model that could identify key precursors to a fire or flood event in a building.

Founded in 2014, OneEvent employs a staff of approximately 15 full-time people in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The startup has raised nearly $4.5 million to date and holds dozens of U.S. patents on its unique software platform.

OneEvent is the maker of OnePrevent, a cloud-based building and home monitoring system that does what other alarm systems cannot: predict, alert, reduce risk and help prevent disasters before they occur. In UL research testing, the system anticipated a fire up to 20 minutes before the smoke alarms went off.

OnePrevent is not a fire alarm nor a burglar alarm, but rather supplementary protection that empowers users with data and anticipated warnings via a cloud-based platform and app. The OneEvent patented technology will change the way building managers, first responders, cities, the hospitality industry, healthcare facilities, property and casualty insurance carriers, and homeowners think about building and home safety and security.

Our Mission

Empower the protection of lives and property

Our Vision

To bring to market software systems that monitor business and home environments, and generate life- and property-saving insights

Our Values

Legacy; Collaboration, Innovation; Family, Work & Community; Customer Service

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