OneEvent Technologies recently completed installation of its OnePrevent system in the Waunakee Community School District as part of a pilot program to protect the district’s data closets.

Two of the district’s data closets — one in the administration office, and another at the high school — previously had no monitoring. District officials wanted a system that would notify them of overheating, smoke presence, unauthorized entry and condensation.

A significant amount of heat can build up in the server racks, which requires the area to be cooled on occasion. The data closet temperature needs to be kept in the range of 68 degrees to 72 degrees for optimal equipment health. The district utilizes a portable heating and cooling system because there is no central HVAC system connected to the area. The portable system can produce condensation, which can harm equipment.

OnePrevent is monitoring the high school’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery backup system, as well as servers. OnePrevent measures hydrogen off-gassing numbers, and ensures UPS health by monitoring for a variety of environmental factors.

Many school districts — Waunakee included — invest in expensive data management systems that are prone to overheating and at risk of failure from humidity. If a data area were to experience an adverse event, such instances aren’t covered under most insurance policies because districts often don’t get a rider on them.

Waunakee High School’s data closet is a pilot program to collect data for a March speaking engagement AFCOM’s Data Center World global conference, where OneEvent COO & Vice President of Engineering Dan Parent will lead a presentation about intelligence augmentation using machine learning.